Series 640 Impact Hardness Tester


  • Five languages are supported with 640-17-X series: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; 640-16-X series are Chinese display.
  • Upper and lower limit can be preset. An audio alarm will automatically sound when the reading is outside of the preset limits.
  • Battery voltage information is displayed including the charge status.
  • Calibration function is available.
  • USB1.1 port allows for information to be uploaded directly to a pc.
  • High speed thermal printer allows for the readings to be immediately printed.
  • 6V Ni-MH rechargeable battery are supplied. the batteries can be charged with the integrated charger. Up to 150 hours of continuous operation battery life between charges. (eL off and no printing)
  • Automatic power off after five minutes.


  • Impact device
  • Hardness test block
  • Small support ring
  • Battery charger
  • Paper for printing (1 pcs)
  • Communication cable (1 pcs)
  • Manual (1 pcs)